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Scott's Ultra Lazy Baby Back Ribs

We've got a wonderful local Penzey's Spices store here in Menlo Park that opened about six months ago. Yesterday afternoon, while the rest of the family was shopping nearby, I browsed Penzey's - with nothing particular in mind.

While looking around, I picked up one of their Early Summer 2009 catalogs and noticed the rib recipe inside the back cover. While I love to eat ribs, I've never really made them - for some unknown reason! I guess my perception was that they took a long time to cook and, in particular, on a BBQ you always had to worry about overcooking them, etc. Too much hassle.

The Penzey's recipe, Teddi's Grandpop's Ribs, looked super simple to prepare - right up their with my other super simple recipe for slow roasted pork shoulder. Both of these recipes involve just seasoning the pork and putting it into the oven - for several hours. No fussing around worrying about how they're doing, etc.

For the ribs, I used Penzey's Galena Street Rib and Chicken Rub (great stuff!) and seasoned thoroughly one rack of baby back ribs from Trader Joe's with the rub. Put the rack into a pre-heated oven at 220 degrees and you're basically done. I did turn them twice - once at the two hour point and again at the three hour point. The rack was ready to eat at the four and a half hour point - and the ribs were delicious. A little BBQ sauce on the side and you're good to go!

To accompany the ribs, I made Ridge Ever's recipe for Bacon and Corn Chowder - a much more involved recipe but with a very delicious result! This wasn't the best meal for a diet - but it sure was good!


Don Watkins

Hey Scott! Got here through a very deep rabbit hole and was delighted and had to share this.

I love ribs but you're right, most good results are from long, slow cooking.

However I've found an exception; Steven Raichlen's excellent Pineapple glazed baby backs:


45 minutes of cook time and you're in rib heaven.

I did the sauce once but it's hardly needed and I've served them straight up a half dozen times now. I've never had any leftovers.

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